Life Stories

Tara’s story

A perfect storm. This is what we commonly refer to metaphorically as a particularly difficult situation which results from numerous negative and unpredictable factors. Tata found herself in the middle of one.

Recently coming to America legally from another country, Tara was doing her best to get settled in her new life with housing, schools, jobs, doctors, learning her way around and all the legalities of being a legal immigrant. It was hard; so much change; it was an overwhelming process. She didn’t have a full time job yet or health insurance – how could she have another baby?

Already a mother of four children, half of whom are grown and on their own, Tara was in denial that she might be pregnant again. I’m too old for this; I was just getting a new start to life; I can’t have a baby again – I just can’t do that again; it was wonderful having kids, but babies are so much work, and I don’t know if I have the energy to do it again at my age. The father of the baby was actually ok with parenting, but she just could not let her mind go there. For the first time in her life she was not just considering abortion, she was set on having one.

After her appointment at Clearway learning about the risks and what abortion procedure involved in that decision, she began to doubt. Could I really go through with that? Leaving the clinic that day her thoughts had moved from determined to abort to undecided. Although many would not see the positive in that, the staff at Clearway rejoice when a patient changes from being sure to being unsure because it gives God the opportunity to work; it is in fact a step – huge step – in the right direction!

When Tara returned for a follow-up appointment, the staff at Clearway was blessed to learn that she was able to get health insurance coverage with the information we provided her, and she had decided to parent. Her emotions were still conflicted – excited, worried, and overwhelmed – but she had made up her mind not to abort.

At Clearway we never know who will walk through our doors. Parenting is an overwhelming thought for so many women in any stage of their life, but for women over 35 it can be even more daunting. Often patients are older women, who have already raised a family, finding themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy but with much higher risk due to their age. Most of them have never had an abortion, or have even considered having one until now. Surprising as that may seem, it makes sense: raising children although wonderful is exhausting, stressful and overwhelming. Now, being older, they have less energy than they used to and they know better than anyone all that is involved in raising another child. Physically, mentally and emotionally they just don’t know if they have what it will take to do it again, to choose life. Abortion, something they had never considered before, becomes a quick and easy solution.