Life Stories

Leida’s story

Living in a tiny room in her mother’s small house, Leda had made up her mind: there’s no room for a baby in such a small space, or in her life. Coming to Clearway that day was only a means to an end: how far along was she and was it early enough to take the RU486 abortion pill. Quick, easy, and no one would have to know.

Leida stepped out of Clearway Clinic, confirmation of pregnancy in hand and still resolved on what she must do: abort. There’s just no room for this baby. Later that week she filled the prescription from the abortion clinic, went home and took the first pill. Sometimes no matter what anyone says, getting all the way to the point of taking the first abortion pill is the only thing it takes to bring the harsh reality to light.

Moments after swallowing it, Leida regretted it. After a couple of hours she realized more and more that pushing this baby out of her life was not really what she should do.

Leida began searching for the paperwork she had brought home from Clearway last week. Wasn’t there something the advocate told her about changing her mind? She couldn’t quite remember. Pulling the papers out of her bag she saw it right on the front page: the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline. Picking up the phone she quickly dialed. The person on the phone was so kind to her and never once made her feel bad about what she had done. They prayed with her and connected her to a local doctor who could prescribe the reversal pill and be under his care.

After following the doctor’s instructions he told her to make an appointment at Clearway for an ultrasound to see if the reversal had been successful. She came back to the clinic with the father of the baby and her mother. All of them were nervous, hoping that the reversal pill had worked.

As the nurse performed the ultrasound scans, everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse identified a strong heartbeat! Since then God has made a way for the baby to “fit” in their lives including a new place to live. When we choose life, no matter what the restrictions, God arranges miracles to make way for the miracle of a baby!