Life Stories

Cece’s story

Cece came to the clinic to confirm pregnancy and find out how far along she was. She arrived nervous and unsure; she was young, finishing schooling for a medical assistant certification, and the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy were clear. To add to that, her dating relationship with the father of the baby was only about a month long when she found out she was pregnant. The father of the baby did not want anything to do with his child. Miraculously, despite her anxiety about becoming a parent for the first time to a child, and knowing she would be a single mom, she was determined that she could handle it on her own. Because she would be receiving her Medical Assistant certificate soon, she felt financially she would be ok. The courage she showed in the face of obstacle was amazing.

As we were in the ultrasound room, the nurse saw two babies! Cece began to cry and said, “I was already worried about parenting one baby on my own and now there are two….” Discovering twins can be overwhelming enough for a mother planning to have a child, can you imagine? Our patient advocate talked to Cece after the ultrasound. Although she was still shocked and overwhelmed, she was still determined to parent and was very open to hearing about how she could have a personal relationship with God. She prayed to accept Jesus!

When she returned for a follow-up appointment a couple weeks later, she expressed how her family had come around to support her, and her dad is really excited to help her. She has started going to church with her grandmother and when asked how she is feeling, she stated, “I have so much peace now.” On the same day, she got news that she will officially be graduating! This was a season Cece would never forget! She found out she was having twins, accepted Jesus and was graduating from her Medical Assistant program! Even though she was not considering abortion, it was clear God knew she needed the emotional, physical and spiritual support at this moment in her life, and the Clearway staff is blessed to know they were the right people at the right time in Cece’s life.