Life Stories

Andrea’s story

Uncomfortable symptoms and recurring digestive issues prompted Andrea to finally visit the ER one day. The x-ray technician scanned for only a few moments, and then asked, “Could you be pregnant?”

“Absolutely not!” Andrea replied, “I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and was told I would probably never get pregnant. Besides, I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“Well, I see the problem. You’re not sick. I see you’re carrying a baby and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.”

Shocked and confused Andrea didn’t know what to do. She went to the internet to start finding help when she found Clearway Clinic’s website. When she arrived at Clearway for her appointment she explained to the advocate that she just couldn’t believe it and needed to know how far along she was. It had been months since she was with anyone.

The ultrasound showed a fully formed baby measuring at 30 weeks!

Stunned and perplexed, Andrea’s first impulse was to have an abortion. Feeling incapable to raise a child because of her age and lack of support, she was certain she couldn’t parent; her conservative family would never allow her to have a child. Abortion seemed to make the most sense.

The advocate gave Andrea a few moments to process and then asked, “There are more than two options though. Have you ever thought about adoption? For many women in similar situations it is a perfect solution.” The advocate went on to explain how adoption works, her legal rights as the birth mother and the different kinds of adoption available. Andrea left the clinic that day with information and resources to help her on the next step of her unforeseen journey.

Using the resources Clearway had given her she began looking through them, visiting websites and calling adoption agencies. But after a few days she was introduced to a couple by a mutual friend who had been unable to have a baby of their own due to multiple heartbreaking miscarriages. Andrea felt an immediate bond with them and knew Cara and Luke would be great parents.

Cara became a much needed support for Andrea, accompanying her to her doctor’s appointments and even staying with her in the hospital for the delivery; their bond deepened as they marveled at being part of an incredible miracle and together they agreed on what the baby’s name would be. Ava Rose entered the world with both the mother who chose to give her life and the mother who would raise her as her own. Five days later, Cara and Luke took their new baby girl home and new life begins for all of them.

Later, Andrea reached out to Clearway to express her gratitude for helping her in her time of need. She is very happy with her decision, is at peace knowing her baby will grow and thrive in a loving home.

“My choice was not easy, but I know it was right,” Andrea expressed. “I always believed in God, but now, after the baby was born, it’s like He opened my eyes even more! I find myself praying more and I want to know Him. I feel an unexplainable peace, and I know He is at work.”